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a note from founder, Wendy Byrne

a note from founder, wendy byrne

Poodle was launched to offer women an alternative to the traditional golf uniform of pastel cotton polos & argyle sweaters. I’ve been asked many times, “Why the name Poodle?” Fair question, it doesn’t exactly scream golf.

The answer is simple – I wanted one word to sum up the concept of ‘athletic chic’, the brand’s motto. Poodles are one of the most athletic breeds of dogs in the world, known for being agile & mischievous. And since Hollywood’s original glam days, they have been iconic of style.

Inspiration came from two separate occasions: I was shopping one day with a friend at one of our favorite designer boutiques. Sizing up our enthusiasm for every luscious piece we tried on, my friend’s 8-year-old daughter commented to me, “You & Mommy are fancy poodles.” Hilarious observation, I thought. A month or so later, a colleague’s adorable toy poodle, ‘Fang’, was tirelessly racing back & forth across our office, chasing a ball at epic speed. It was a Shazam moment.

Poodle golf clothes combine high performance stretch fabrics & fits, with custom prints & stylish details. No argyle, no pastels, no polos.

Poodle, athletic chic.

Golf just got sexier.

Poodle Pro - Becky Brewerton

Join Team Poodle and support Solheim Cup golfer and Ladies European Tour Order of Merit winner Becky Brewerton as she competes against top competition on the LET and LPGA.

Becky is an amazing person, a world-class golfer, and a great ambassador for Poodle. We're honored to have her representing our brand !

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